BD Classics

Starting from a love of the Jaguar Mk2 from the age of 15 when I nearly purchased two Mk2's that were in a sorry state, one was an ex Police car in Black, and the other was Red with Cream leather.

I was talked out of this by my Uncle who owned a garage that my Grandfather started, I am not sure if he just thought it was a bad idea, or that he knew the cars would end up taking up space in his workshops for months, and he would have to put up with my endless questions !

I spent endless hours at my Uncle's garage including holidays helping in the workshops with customers cars, doing up my first car which was a Morris Traveller that needed a lot of welding to put it back together !

My Uncle had clients with Alvis's, Roll's, Bristol's and many run of the mill cars, but my love for the classics was born in those early years.

Having cosseted the Mk2's for many years, some nearly 40 years later when talking to a client who said he was an "Antiques finder" I said "Well find me a Mk2 then" half an hour later he came back saying he'd found one !

That was the start, I set up BD Classics with a small workshop tucked away in the country a few miles outside Bath, and now have a few restorations underway also carrying out servicing, repairs and restorations for clients, mainly Jaguar Mk2's, but also other marques.

Please contact me for further information.

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